You Can Now Download and Use Some Cleveland Museum of Art’s Works for Free


The Cleveland Museum of Art announced earlier this year that 30,000 of its artworks are now in the public domain. Meaning anyone for any reason can now share and use high resolution images of some of the most famous artworks on the planet for free.

“The CMA’s Open Access program brings our mission ‘for the benefit of all the people forever’ into the digital age,” CMA director William Griswold said in a statement.

Now museum enthusiasts can access 61,000-plus pieces of art, whether available for download or under copyright, in the new Collections Online feature.

CMA is one of the few museums in the world to offer such openness with its collection. Directly access and download some of the artwork from the museum right here. 

Check out some of our favorite paintings, sculptures and drawings from the museum's collection in this slideshow.

*This slideshow has been updated.