This Cleveland-Area Mansion Comes With a Near-Perfect Oval Office Replica


Ever wanted to feel like you're the President of the United States? Well, you can play out all of your fantasies right here in Mentor. This mansion (8405 Sanctuary Drive) is on the market for $2,695,000 and boasts a damn near perfect replica of the White House's Oval Office. The owners are history buffs who always dreamt of building their very own Oval Office and that's exactly what they did here. Imagine the important decisions you could make in this room. Yes, pizza for dinner, it is so ordered. This evening's entertainment will be Below Deck. The President has said so. And if you thought family meetings had drama before, just wait until you command the room from behind the President's desk.

Coming in at just under 10,000 square feet, this house also contains an elevator that takes you to all three floors, an awesome pool and five acres of land in the exclusive Sanctuary community.