These Before and After Photos Reveal How Much Cleveland Has Changed


It's no secret that in the past 10 years Cleveland has undergone a revival of sorts. Outsiders had counted us down for so long, but somehow, quietly, our arts, food, culture and sports (aka LeBron) began to garner national media attention for things we were doing ... well.

Of course, with all of the newness comes gentrification, skyrocketing housing prices in hip neighborhoods like Ohio City and Tremont and a scrambling for an integrated identity in a modern world.

While none of us can predict what the future Cleveland will look like (we can only hope heaven), here's a stunning glance at the changes that have been made over the past decade or so for better or worse.

Note: All photos by ©2018 Google Maps. We used the most up-to-date photos available from the site, which for some spots was 2017. All addresses are approximate.