Pink T-Rex Totally Sells Old Brooklyn House in Hilarious Real Estate Photos


As science has basically proven, inflatable T-Rex costumes are never not funny, especially when they're pink. That's why Old Brooklyn homeowners Sarah and PJ Kazimer decided to sell their house using some special dino-infused photos in their online listing.

Just last week, Sarah donned a bright fuchsia dinosaur costume around the couple's three-bedroom, two-bathroom house posing for pictures.

"I just kept thinking, 'What would a dinosaur do over here? And in this room?'" Sarah tells Scene. Working with realtor/friend Carly Sablotny and photographer Jason Smalcer, the dino was caught on camera watching TV, standing at the sink and singing in the shower.

The idea isn't exactly original. A T-Rex home listing in Texas went viral earlier this year, which is where the Kazimer's got the idea in the first place, but the concept has yet to catch on in Cleveland.

Sarah says she thinks the dino pics have brought in more interest to her home than what would have occurred otherwise in one week's time.

"It felt pretty good to be a dinosaur model," Sarah reflects now of the photo session. "It was nice to be relaxed in a photo, no one could see if I was making a dorky face or anything."

Find out more about the $129,000 listing right here. 

All photos by Jason Smalcer at Liza Sue Productions.