PHOTOS: Ja’Ovvoni Garrison is Trying to Give Cleveland Kids 100 Free Skateboards


At 18-years-old, Ja'Ovvoni Garrison started Skaters Next Door, a community program that typically runs six to eight weeks during the fall at Stella Walsh Recreation Center, to share his passion for skating with kids in the community. During the program, he teaches skating basics and gives away free boards to kids who need them. Since 2008, Garrison, 25, has raised more than $40,000 through grant writing and working with organizations such as Neighborhood Connection and Slavic Village Development. He is currently running an online gofundme campaign to raise $4,500 to give away 100 free skateboards to kids in the area. Garrison sat down to talk with Scene about Skaters Next Door and the budding Cleveland skating culture.

by Jacob Gedetsis

Photos by Caitlin Summers