Photos: The House of Wills Haunted Funeral Home Listing on Airbnb


Stay at the House of Wills for just $200 a night!

Many well known paranormal investigators have experienced this house with a chilling response. There's endless rooms to discover (both hidden and not).

Guests will have free reign to explore the 50,00 sq ft home, including the crematorium, the embalming room, the once lavish Egyptian casket rooms, the "Heaven and Hell" basement corridors, and much more.

We will provide beds (up to 3 offered), drinks, snacks and a bathroom, however there is no electricity or showers as the house was abandoned for many years. The idea is "urban exploration". Be sure to bring flashlights to be safe, as we have some to provide but the house tends to have a somewhat eerie draining effect on batteries. Cameras are encouraged, and ghost stories are welcome to be shared.

Photos courtesy of Airbnb