Photos from the Totally ’80s Live Concert at House of Blues


The '80s might be long gone, but as last night’s Totally '80s Live Show at House of Blues showed us,  the music of that decade lives thanks to the great bands who continue to keep it alive.

Fronted by 69-year-old original lead singer Martha Davis, the Motels, the show’s headliner, performed a captivating set of hits as well as some of the band's lesser-known songs. Still a commanding presence, Davis took the stage all dressed in black with a black cap. Davis, who hasn’t lost a step vocally, had the audience wanting more. Grateful for the endearing fans, she expressed her genuine appreciation throughout the evening.

When In Rome II was the opening act, and the band sounded great. It still has a classic ’80s sound with a bit of a dance beat. Bow Wow Wow, a band held together by one original members, bassist Leigh Gorman, followed When In Rome II. “I Want Candy,” the band’s biggest hit and a crowed favorite, ended the group's amazing set. (Jeffrey Jones)


Photos by Jeffrey Jones