Photos From the Raconteurs Concert at the Agora


Last night, the Raconteurs took Cleveland on an auditory ride as they played the Agora on the Help Us Stranger tour. The band packed a punch with a 20-song set that included MC5’s “Looking At You,” “Help Me Stranger,” “Level,” “Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying),” “Now That You’re Gone” and “Sunday Driver” before ending with a five-song encore that concluded with their infamous hit “Steady As She Goes.”

With phones locked safely away, the crowd was fully engaged in everything the band did onstage — from multiple collisions between Jack White and Brendan Benson before they ricocheted in opposite directions to the driving precision from Patrick Keeler’s drum kit. The crowd met the band’s energy by fist pumping and scream singing through the whole show, which only seemed to embolden White to take his wailing solos further into the stratosphere.

DC’s heavy-hitting Ex Hex took the stage first to hit the crowd with a sonic smack to the face. (Amber Patrick)


Photos by Amber Patrick

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