Photos From the Falling in Reverse Concert at House of Blues


As soon as the lights fell before Falling in Reverse’s set last night at House of Blues, there was a volcanic eruption of cheers and praise. During the hard rock group's performance, frontman Ronnie Radke had everyone screaming each word of the band’s songs. At first, Radke’s vocals seemed a bit off, and he appeared to be having some technical issues. However, after a few songs, he got back on a roll. He praised fans for knowing all the words to old and new songs and expressed his gratitude for sticking with him through his "musical journey."

 New Years Day started the night off. Singer Ash Costello was particularly on point, seeming to enjoy herself with every note. Costello had fans singing along with her as she led them through the band's catalog.

Also on the bill, From Ashes to New, a rock/rap mix group from Lancaster, PA, showed off its unusual sound, but the band didn’t really connect with the crowd. There were certainly From Ashes to New fans screaming each word, but the band had a difficult time keeping the entire crowd engaged.

That wasn't the case for Ice Nine Kills, who commanded the room with their haunting and eerie presence. The band used costumes props, and fantastic lights, and singer and frontman Spencer Charnas made use of every square inch of space he could while performing. (Devon Keller)


Photos by Nathan Rogers