Ohio Pair Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With ’80s Photo Shoot, Internet Goes Wild


One Dover, Ohio, couple chose to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in an incredibly special way this year. Rather than simply taking boring serious photos to commemorate the milestone, Steve and Danielle VanHorn had their portraits taken while sporting 1980s-style spandex, neon colors and big-ass hair.

Naturally, the internet caught wind of the silly poses caught on film, and already the pair have been interviewed by BuzzFeed, Good Morning America, Yahoo and news outlets as far as Toronto and Florida.

Steve told Scene today that he never imagined their fun little shoot would garner so much attention.

"I've never seen anything like this," Steve says. "We’ve done funny photos before, we’ve just never put them online. But it’s just how the interenet is now, people have no problem finding things."

The VanHorn's, who've been together since high school, have traditionally dressed up in Western apparel for yearly family pictures. The '80s theme idea came about because they wanted to pay homage to the era that bore them. Plus, it only cost $6 at a nearby thrift store to put their costumes together.

"We don't generally dress like this," Steve admits.

The photo shoot process was relatively easy, Steve says. Mostly improvised, the photographer and couple only took 45 minutes to complete the studio and outdoor shots. And they laughed the entire time.

"People passing by couldn't believe it," Steve says.

By Laura Morrison

Photos by Giggle Monster Photography - Vanessa Hoffmann