Meet the People of 2018’s Cleveland People Issue


From someone who watches you sleep, or at least your brain activity while you slumber, to a dominatrix who fulfills a wide range of humiliation and BDSM fantasies for clients, this year's People Issue is all about what happens after the sun sets in Cleveland.

Long after most of us have retired to the couch for the evening or even hit the hay, these folks are just beginning their day. They're prepping and baking what you'll eventually eat for breakfast, they're making sure the newspaper is on your doorstep when you wake up, they're enjoying and protecting priceless works of art, they're listening to police scanners and jetting to the scenes of crimes and accidents to shoot video that will fill the morning newscast you watch over coffee.

In some ways, jobs are jobs, no matter the hour they're done. For the night-owl shifts, however, there are particular and unique obstacles, to family, friends, dating, sleep, and the chores that the rest of us take for ranted.

Dive in to hear firsthand from those humping overnight gigs on what they do and why, and the one perk they all agree on (spoiler: Traffic, it turns out, is a breeze).

People 2018 photos by Tim Harrison.

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