The Best Items Offered in the ECOT School Online Auction


Looking for some cool office supplies, inspirational posters, a megaphone or even a huge pack of watermelon-flavored lip balm? The ECOT auction has you covered.

The controversial online charter school Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, the state of Ohio's largest virtual school, closed in January. But now the school is auctioning off most furniture and equipment from its corporate headquarters building in south Columbus. The online school's servers are not a part of the auction, as they might offer evidence of criminal activity in an ongoing investigation.

We took it upon ourselves to rummage through the nearly 70 pages of auction items to find the most tantalizing things. While most range in price from free to about $15 at present, the bidding keeps getting higher and higher.

Take a look at the whole thing here. The online auction closes June 12.