Chelsea Grin Performing at the Agora


Last Sunday, Chelsea Grin delivered a terrific show in front of a packed Agora Ballroom. The deathcore band sounded as brutal as ever. Vocalist Alex Koehler's ability to go from ear piercing and scary high screams to brutal lows is astounding. The transition between the two is seemingly effortless for him, and his ability to do it outside of a studio and on a stage consistently is what matters. It'd be a shame to forget drummer and backing vocalist Pablo Viveros. While playing some of the songs’ most physically demanding parts, he was still able to belt out mid-screams to harmonize with Koehler's highs and lows. The floor shook, not only from the immense bass of Chelsea Grin's set, but from the crowd hanging as Koehler's called for the crowd to jump and form circle pits and a wall of death. The crowd was rowdy, and the band did its part in delivering a rough and ruthless show for the fans. (Martin Harp)

Photos by Paige Margulies.

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