Breaking Benjamin, Diamante, Dorothy, Three Days Grace and Chevelle Performing at Blossom


Breaking Benjamin's Ember Tour hit Blossom last night with opening bands Diamante, Dorothy, Three Days Grace and Chevelle. The pouring rain didn’t stop the crowds from filling the venue, and  Breaking Benjamin singer-guitarist Benjamin Burnley threw a heart signal out to the crowd as he came onto the stage.

The hard rock band's 17-song setlist began with “Red Cold River” and “I Will Not Bow” as 12-foot flames shot into the air. Halfway through the set, the band covered “The Imperial March,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The set also included a drum solo from Shaun Foist. For the encore, the group played “Rain” from its 2004 album  We Are Not Alone and ended with “The Diary of Jane,” its 2006 hit single from Phobia and arguably still its most popular song. (Katina Alexandria Scalia)


Photos by Katina Alexandria Scalia