August Burns Red and Miss May I Performing at House of Blues


Both veterans to the metalcore scene, August Burns Red and Miss May I know how to control a crowd and perform when it counts. At last night’s Frozen Flame Tour in front of a rowdy and packed crowd at House of Blues, they did just that and delivered a memorable and electric show.

Performing in the headlining slot on a bill that included five bands, August Burns Red played non-stop; it was hard to tell if they were even going to take a break at all until about seven songs in when there finally was a breather. However, it wasn't even a break. It was just a moment for singer Jake Luhrs to ask the staff to turn off the air conditioning on stage and then the band went right back into it non-stop. This is no complaint; it's simply a testament to how much this band loves to perform and how great it is at it, Luhrs especially. His showmanship on stage is like none other. His salsa dances during instrumental sections or his mimicking a composer are all mannerisms that have become staples to his performance. Speaking of performers of the band, drummer Matt Greiner is too fun to watch. Before the famous “one more song” chants started, Greiner closed the set off with an amazing drum solo. He wasn't alone though, the rest of the band came out with floor toms and joined in on the solo. The drum solo has also become a constant in August Burns Red sets. It was awesome to see the band come together and once again just show how much they love to perform and entertain.

Even though Miss May I was subject to a tragically short set, the eight songs they performed were a great mix of old and new. They were able to throw in songs from Apologies Are for the Weak and Monument for their core fan base while playing newer songs for the newcomers. Hell, they even managed to play more older songs than newer which was a treat to anyone that's been there since the beginning. Being Ohio natives, Miss May I brought all they could to a show in their home state. Singer Levi Benton even went on to thank fans for a great homecoming show on Twitter afterward. Miss May I simply never disappoints. They stay true to who they are, true metal heads, and they bring that true metal show feel every time. August Burns Red and Miss May I showed why they are veterans of the scene and why they have stuck around for as long as they have. They put on entertaining shows and don't disappoint. Hopefully fans won't have to wait long for the bands to come and light up Cleveland again. (Martin Harp)

Photos by Joe Kleon

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