All the Gripping Photos From World Armwrestling League’s Summer Showdown


Last night, the World Armwrestling League held it's Summer Showdown at the Agora. With six matches on deck, there was no shortage of excitement.

Here are the results:

Bill Sinks v Paul Talbott

Winner - Paul Talbott 3-0

Sam Harris v Geoff Hale

Winner - Sam Harris 3-1

Quinlan Mendez v Tony Kitowski

Winner - Quinlan Mendez 3-1

Tamara Mitts v Angie Rose

Winner - Angie Rose 3-0

Matt Mask v Nick Zinna

Winner - Matt Mask 3-1

Jerry Cadorette v Michael Todd

Winner - Jerry Cadorette 3-1

Performance of the night - Quinlan Mendez

Match of the night -

Jerry Cadorette v Michael Todd

June 14, 2018

Photos by Emanuel Wallace