A Sneak Peek at the ‘Dad Bods of Cleveland’ Calendar, the Best Way to March Into 2021


Dad bods are all the rage these days. Or, at least, that's what dads are telling themselves. One Cleveland photographer had the idea to shoot them in all of their glory andĀ Shiny Penny Studios photography is releasing a calendar celebrating the dad bods of Northeast Ohio. You can pre-order now for only $20.

The calendar will benefit Meals on Wheels. Each Calendar purchase will cover a day of meals for a local senior in need.

According to photographer KeliĀ Schimelpfenig, "This crazy dudoir calendar adventure actually started as a simple idea for a website blog post about taking better selfies. An online discussion about the horribly awful photos guys use on their dating website profiles served as the inciting incident. "Those up-the nose ones are horrible" one friend commented "I don't want to inspect his nose hairs!" "Oh, those ones of them shirtless in the bathroom are awful too" another friend replied." The next day I posted an open call on facebook looking for average looking men to meet me in a sunflower field. While some were coaxed to attend by wives and girlfriends, five brave men showed up with the understanding I would get some photos to use for my blog and they would get some new profile shots. I had them take some selfies on their own with no instructions, and then I took some basic profile shots. Then things got interesting."


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