The Coolest New Things Worth Doing in Cleveland This Summer


Summer is calling and you are poised to answer the call. You will sit on patios. You will go to warm summer Tribe games. You will leave work early. You will sit on the couch as the sun is somehow still out around 9 p.m. and feel bad about wanting to go to bed already. (Don't.) You will cook out, go to a concert under the stars, ride bikes, hit the beach, and totally get that beach bod in belated shape.

Or you'll tackle a portion of that bucket list and regret not doing more once winter hits, but that won't be our fault.

We're here to remind you to seize the summer, because this one is no run-of-the-mill Clevo season — it's chock-full of brand new things to do, things to see and things to experience. By our rough scientific estimates, it should, in fact, be about 73 percent better than last summer. So dig out the sunglasses, lather up, and get ready to enjoy what should be a glorious three months.