24 CLEmojis to Describe What It’s Like to Live in Cleveland


The little pieces of art are a universal language, the kind of graphic that if left behind for future civilizations to discover, like cave wall drawings, would be pretty easy to decipher. Hey, that person was fucking happy! That looks like food! Emojis are both shorthand and longform at once, capable of conveying as much or as little information as the sender wants, their secondary and tertiary meanings ever evolving with inside jokes and cultural references.

Which is all well and good and we love them. You can send a text to a friend in Alaska or France and they’ll understand what you mean. But there are certain local quirks and stories and emotions and actions that simply aren’t covered by the e-toolbox we’ve got right now. So we set about to create a set of emojis, Clemojis if you will, that would better help Northeast Ohioans describe their lives. Did we miss some? Surely. Drop by the comment section at clevescene.com and let us know what you would have liked to have seen.

By Scene Staff

Illustrations by Lee DeVito

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