21 Photos from Cleveland Kurentovanje at the Slovenian National Home


Kurentovanje (koo-rahn-toh-VAHN-yay) is evidently the most popular carnival event in Slovenia. The central figure of the carnival, the Kurent, is believed to chase away winter and usher in spring with its supernatural powers. The Kurent, by the way, is like something freakish and mammalian out of Parade the Circle: a massive sheepskin creature with bells and beads and all sorts of birdlike, pagan-inspired ornamentation. The Slovenian National Home, St. Clair Superior Development Corp. and Sterleā€™s Country House partnered with local businesses and institutions to bring a piece of this cultural event to the St. Clair Avenue neighborhood. Here are photos from yesterday's event. (Sam Allard)

Photos by Ashley Taylor