21 Adoptable Cleveland Pups Looking For a Warm Home This Freezing Season


The following crew of canines are too adorable to ignore as the temperatures drop this winter. Let them help you stay motivated to keep moving and get outside in this chilly season (but also stay in snuggling by the fire).

All animals come to you from the City Dogs Cleveland program, affiliated with the Cleveland kennel, which is always looking for potential pet owners to match with their adoptable doggies.

Adoption fees are $61 per animal, and all dogs come vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, licensed and ready to mingle.

View all of the adoptable pups here, most of which are pit bulls, and then set up an appointment with the whole family by emailing [email protected]

All photos via petango.com.

Reminder: It's important as temperatures dip to provide your pets with adequate shelter. They need to stay warm, just like you.