11 Mouthwatering Photos from CLE Foodies


If you're not following CLE Foodies on Instagram, start immediately. Almost daily, Clevelander Tricia McCune posts another mouthwatering picture of something she's cooking up or enjoying out at a local eatery. She often blogs about her eating adventures too. Keep up with CLE Foodies on your own, and check out a handful of her recent pics, served up hot 'n fresh, right here.

Wanna snag a couple of CLE Foodies' recipes? Here you go:

Breakfast for Dinner:

Easy way to make the perfect poached eggs - take a muffin pan, add two tablespoons of water per cup, then add an egg to each cup. Bake 350 degrees for 15-20mns. (15mns = runny whites, 20mns = solid yolks) Don't want to mess with Hollandaise Sauce? Look for Japanese Yum Yum at the grocery store for a twist.

Chinese Sausage Colcannon:

Peel/quarter/boil until tender/drain then mash 1lb potatoes, add salt, pepper, milk, butter to taste. Cube a few links of Chinese Sausage. (You can find Chinese Sausage at any Asian Grocery, like Park to Shop on E 30th) Sauté the Chinese Sausage in a little oil until it crisps up and remove from the pan, leaving the little bits on the bottom of the pan. Slice thin 1lb cabbage or kale and sauté it in the same pan that you did the sausage with a little oil. Add 1/2 cup water to you cabbage/kale cover and cook until water is gone. Combine the mashed potatoes, sausage and cabbage/kale. Add a big pad of butter for serving.