Rise Against’s Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica Show Spread Good Vibrations, Instead of Dwelling On Trump


Many of the songs on Wolves, the latest effort from the veteran punk act Rise Against, take aim at Donald Trump.

But rather than dwell on the negative, singer Tim McIlrath and Co. chose to crank up their guitars and spread good vibrations at last night’s 90-minute concert before a crowd that filled just more than half of the venue.

McIlrath regularly spoke about how much he loves playing Jacobs Pavilion, where he said the band has had some “amazing” shows, and he constantly thanked the audience for its support over the years. The concert included a three-song segment that found McIlrath picking up an acoustic guitar for stripped down renditions of “Swing Life Away,” “People Live Here” and “Hero of War.”

But then, he and the band plugged back in for the driving, Bad Religion-like “Help is on the Way,” a song which McIlrath dedicated to to all the people afflicted by recent hurricanes and earthquakes.

Openers Pierce the Veil played a vigorous set that concluded with the rousing, Rage Against the Machine-like “A Match Into the Water,” and White Lung kicked things off with a performance that suffered from the fact that the indie rock band played under deep blue lights that made it nearly impossible to see what the band members looked like. Mish Way-Barber sang with conviction, but the band’s generic songs had a sameness to them.


September 30, 2017

Photos by Jeff Niesel